Friday, August 01, 2008

Almost there

We have some new pictures. It looks like our little casa is pretty darn close to being done! I am very happy with the cabinets we chose, as well as the stain. And the tiling looks really good from what little I can see. Regarding the color, D said it looks really red on his computer; on mine, it looks really orangey. As long as they used the same color of red they used for the other red ones I have seen down there, I'm very happy with the color.

A view of our house if you were standing in the courtyard
It looks like they have not painted the house to the left of us, so it looks a bit sloppy at the moment

The stairs leading up to the second floor - the front door is directly to the right (not shown)

A view of the kitchen. The window on the right wall is the one we added. You can see the outside of that window in the first picture above.

Bathroom on the first floor

Our pergola (the wooden structure) on our deck. The stairs lead up to the viewing tower. The entrance to the bedroom on the second floor is behind the stairs. The stairs leading down to the first floor are also behind the stairs.

The entrance and a view of the viewing tower at the top

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