Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Getting Close

Look, we have walls!   These are pictures of our house as of June 30th.   It should be done in August.

Also, we were informed that our exterior house color will be our first choice of Rojo Piedra.  I'm very happy with this.  It's one of those colors that people either love or hate, but we love it.

You can also go view some pictures of a completed Nueva Chica on the Stark Silver Creek blog. As with the one being toured, we're also in Founders' Neighborhood, so we won't have a gas stove as they apparently will in Agua Viva!   Some comparisons between the pictures of the toured Nueva Chica and ours are listed below.  Damian is a lot more familiar with these things since he's been tracking the house progress more closely than I; therefore,  I reserve the right to correct myself after he reads this post.

  • We chose weave cabinets, so those will look a bit different. I can't tell if this is the stain we chose.  I think it probably is.    

  • Like these picture, we also have black appliances.

  • I think they have a different interior package, which means the tiling and walls would be somewhat different.  If they are, it's not a huge difference since I can't tell if it's even a different package!

  • We'll have a window in the wall in the living room.  So, in the fifth picture down, we'd have a window in that wall. 

  • We did not upgrade to get the outdoor cook top.  Neither of us enjoys grilling, so it seemed a bit pointless.


  1. are you supposed to initial these pictures to sign off on the progress?

  2. Loni Kao Stark9:47 PM

    Congratulations on the progress Megan! Very exciting!

  3. Rachele - No, we don't initial or sign off on them. I would guess that is used for some internal purpose. These are just to show us progress.

    Loni - Thanks! And thanks for putting the tour pictures on your blog. It's nice to have multiple sources for seeing progress down there!

  4. Done in August, eh? Would that be before the 20th and are you already looking for guests to join you down there? ;)

  5. Congratulations, you must be excited! Your colour choice was our second colour choice. I think it will look lovely. I didn't realize until I got home from Loreto at the end of June that I went through one of your neighbours homes.