Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We have been notified that our home is complete.  Now we are working on getting it inspected and jumping through those hoops, as well as getting the furniture moved in and all the housewares, etc.  And by "we" I mean Damian, who has done everything related to this house.  Except the blog.  That's all me.

We have more pictures of our finished home. Very exciting!

Our courtyard.  The little door is to a storage unit under the stairs.  The entrance to the house (not shown) is directly to the right.
Bedroom on the first/ground floor 
View of the kitchen.  I just love the extra window we added shown on the right side. I'm happy we went with black appliances.  
Our deck under the pergola.  The stairs lead up to the viewing tower. Second floor bedroom is the room behind the wall.
Second floor bedroom.  Those doors lead out to the Juliet Balcony shown in the bottom picture.
 Second floor bathroom
Viewing tower looking at the mountain view.  You can also see one of the posadas to the right.

Exterior of the house.  Good view of the viewing tower and the Juliet Balcony.


  1. Those pictures are just magnificent. What a great vacation house for your family! (and friends, heh)

  2. Congratulations! It looks gorgeous.


  3. Pack those bags and go have yourselves a vacation in Mexico! What an awesome place. Congrats! You must be so excited to go and stay there.

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  5. That looks soooo awesome! You're going to build so many cool memories with/for Avery. We still want to do a vacation home at some point but have gotten so busy with our other projects we haven't looked into it further. Maybe we'll get a ski lodge so we can trade weeks with people who have beach homes ;)

  6. I'm always telling D that now we need to make friends with people who have a ski lodge so we can swap! So I'm all for you doing a ski home. :)

  7. Loni Kao Stark3:11 PM

    Congratulations! Looks wonderful. I hope you keep this blog up with your adventures in your new home now that its built.