Club Loreto Bay
A fellow homeowner created the site Club Loreto Bay to allow homeowners to connect and communicate with each other.  If you are a homeowner and haven't yet joined, go over to Club Loreto Bay to request an invite. 
Facebook Group
I started a Facebook group for Loreto Bay Homeowners.  I can't say there's much activity on the group, however, if you are a Loreto Bay Homeowner and would like to join, click here to go to the group on Facebook.
Baja Onsite
Baja Onsite has IT Services, Mini Super, Personal Shoppers ... what else could you ask for?
Property Management
We use Calafia Services for our property management.  Jenny Figueroa is excellent at keeping us informed and resolving all issues.  Email califia at gmail.com.
Private Chef
We've had Felipe cook for us a number of times and have been thrilled with the meals. Check him out if you'd like to have a chef come cook for you in your home.  Here's a review of his cooking written by another homeowner.