Monday, January 25, 2010

Paperless Kitchen Challenges

Now that our house is complete and we've got a few visits under our belt, I'm more focused on getting it equipped with all the things I consider staples of living.  Among those is a supply of cleaning cloths and a system for ensuring they're easy to find, use, and wash so as to reduce paper towel and paper napkin usage as much as possible.  At our home in Portland, we don't use any paper napkins and go through a paper towel roll maybe once a month, which is a far cry from switching out the roll every few days a year or two ago.

Since we bought the package for the rental program (oh, such a waste of money!), we do have a nice set of napkins.  However, I prefer to use a clean cloth napkin at each meal.  There are only six (maybe a few more) of the napkins that came with the package, which isn't enough to get through several days without laundry.  I plan to implement the same solution I do at home, which is to buy a large quantity of these cloth napkins from a seller on Etsy.  I also need to bring down a few more mesh hampers to get an easy laundry system down.
In order to truly put a dent in the paper towel usage, however, I need to bring down a lot more cleaning cloths.  Much like napkins, I tend to use cleaning cloths once or twice, then I launder them.  So, for me, having a stack of microfiber cloths like these (36 for $20!) is ideal.
If others are looking for a way to go paperless in the kitchen, either in your primary or your Loreto Bay home, check out this post with clear steps on how to do it successfully.

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