Wednesday, June 03, 2009

May June 2009 Trip

We braved the Swine Flu hysteria and decided to take a quick trip down to our little casa by the sea. We were worried that it might be a little too hot this time of year, but actually as I type this at 11 a.m. on June 3, I am sitting with the doors and windows open and the AC off.
It does get hot between about noon and 4 p.m. - definitely too hot for any strenuous outdoor activity like walking around shopping with a toddler in downtown Loreto for example :), but the mornings and evenings are just perfect. We have made the most of those times by hitting the new community pool and the beach.
Avery (our 18-month-old daughter) loves being in the water and is constantly asking to go the beach or pool. Or as she says, "bee" and "bool". The new community pool in Founders is beautiful, but they are still having trouble keeping the filters and cleaners working.
As a result there is some slippery algae on the bottom in places and there are a few too many dead insects and leaves floating around. The shallow beach style entry is just perfect for hanging out with a toddler at the pool though, and the landscaping is great.
The other most noticeable changes since our last trip have been the progress on Agua Viva and some of the custom homes, and the maturation of the Founders' landscaping. Some of the courtyards are in full bloom and are beautiful. And the 'street' our house is on, Calle Santuario, is looking great.
Once again we are convinced this little community will be amazing once it's complete. It's just frustrating how slow progress is. The Posadas remain half done and there are still no shops or restaurants. As a result, you definitely need a car while you are down here as trips to Loreto to pick up groceries and supplies are frequently required. Luckily this time we were able to borrow a neighbor's car and that has helped us tremendously (thanks again, Rob!)

We have spent this trip trying to turn our casa into more of a home. We tried to by some art and decor touches but it's actually very difficult to do as there are so few stores that sell anything of any size - they all seem to specialize in stuff that can be packed and taken home. We did find a painting in Adwa (the same folks that did the blinds) and some smaller Diego Rivera copies in Conchitas Curios though and have hung those.
We also found a tapestry to use a table runner in another store and a few bowls and pitchers and things to dot around the place. The house still needs more color though; it is all very brown and white right now. We went looking for some bright throw cushions to put on the couches and beds, but nobody seems to sell them here.

Once again we will have a long list of items to bring with us next time. This time we managed to bring in a US region DVD player and a bunch of DVDs, a power drill / screw driver and a swiffer vacuum thing. Over time and several trips we will eventually have the place fully stocked up.

We probably won't be back now until next Christmas. So if anybody would like to use the place, please let us know. We would far rather it's used than sit empty. If we already know you, or if you are also an LBC homeowner looking to do a free house swap, there won't be any charge. All that we ask is that you pay for a check-in / check-out cleaning service on the way in and out ($80 each through LBC) and utilities (electricity, TV and internet) while you are down here. If we don't know you, we'll need to rent you the place throught the LBC Rental Program and that will include cleaning and utilities etc. Click on the e-mail link on the right hand side if you'd like to use the place.


  1. All the pics are absolutely gorgeous. What an amazing place to have as your second home.

  2. It was great to hear about your casa and see how you have set it up as a home. Looks like you are having a wonderful time.

  3. Wow...looks great guys!!