Sunday, March 01, 2009

Pictures From Our Stay - Christmas 2008

We finally got around to downloading some of the pictures we took of the house and neighborhood during our stay over Christmas 2008. Here they are:

Our Casa - FN 529 viewed from the common area behind the house

The common area behind our casa (our casa is the red house at the top of the picture)

The little courtyard inside our casa (baby pictured for scale :))

The Great Room off the inner courtyard

The bedroom downstairs (french doors lead to inner courtyard)

The roof terrace upstairs

Viewing tower looking towards the mountains

Viewing tower looking towards the sea

The beach

The beach on a windy day

Kayaks lined up on the beach ready for action

Our "street" - Calle Santuario

Our neighborhood at night

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  1. That looks amazing! What's weird is that I totally saw an advertisement for Loreto Bay several years ago and was thinking about how awesome it would be to be in on a venture such as this. Thanks for sharing.