Thursday, April 03, 2008

Construction continues veeeerrrry slowly

I just looked at the date of our last post. Just a couple of hours after I posted that, we received a call about a baby girl who had been born a few days earlier and whose birth parents had selected us to parent her. Less than 27 hours later, we became the proud parents of a beautiful, healthy, and adorable baby girl. How quickly life changes!

Well, life changes quickly when it comes to all things but the construction of our little casa it seems. We're actually not overly bothered with the delay of the progress. It seems the slow down on our house is due to a shift in resources and focus to the amenities within the community, so that seems a good trade off since having those done will make vacations down there much easier.

In our recently received newsletter update, it appears good progress is being made on both the Posada del Mercado Norte and the Posada del Mercado Sur. These are both very close to our casa, so this is excellent news.

TCC's latest photos of our house show minor progress. I believe we're now slated for an August 2008 completion date.

The front our casa. The front door is on the lower left; the windows are to the lower and upper bedrooms.

The kitchen

Taken from within the kitchen - a view of the living area, courtyard and lower bedroom.

Taken on our roof terrace - the steps leading up to our viewing tower

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  1. Congratulations on your adoption. Your daughter will have lots of fun in Loreto!