Saturday, November 10, 2007

Furniture Ordered

We went ahead and ordered our furniture. Unfortunately it worked out about $7,000 more than we had budgeted, but we think we've got some good stuff. We ordered the San Ignacio package from Casa Mesquite and then added some extra pieces and swapped a few things. For example, we swapped the two love seats for a sofa and a chair and upgraded both from fabric upholstery to milk chocolate brown leather. We also removed the side towers and one of the king beds, added a second chair and side table for the living room, a desk and custom book case for the bedroom upstairs, two Queen beds and an extra nightstand for the room downstairs and some additional patio furniture for the viewing tower. We also upgraded the patio furniture for the roof terrace to the patio furniture and loungers that normally come with the Loreto package .

Casa Mesquite were very accommodating to all the changes we wanted to make and also made sure we weren't doing anything stupid layout wise. Hopefully everything will show up at about the same time as the house is completed and will fit :)

Now we need to work out our AV equipment (phones and TV's etc.), housewares (sheets, plates, pots and pans etc.), art and window coverings. All in all, we'll probably end up spending about $10,000 more than we were expecting on the interior of the house. Hopefully it will be worth it.

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