Thursday, August 02, 2007

Update ... finally

It's been a while since I've posted and we have received some new pictures of the house in progress during that time frame, but they're not yet interesting enough to make me drag out my laptop so I can scan in the pictures (scanner isn't compatible with my iMac ... grrrr).

We are now 39% complete with construction. Rather, we've paid 39% of the bill, so who knows what percentage is actually done.

We're heading down in September to have a look and pick out furniture. I think there are several furniture providers now in addition to the preferred one of Loreto Bay, so that should be fun. D and I are very quick decision makers when it comes to decor and furniture. We know what we like and don't spend a lot of time hemming and hawing. A lot how this second home purchase went. :)

We have also submitted our preferred house colors as well as our non-preferred house colors. It's really hard to tell from the pictures and paint samples, but I think if we get one of the four preferred colors, we'll be happy. I hope we get our first choice, obviously. I took the liberty of listing four non-preferred colors, rather than the two that were requested, because I was so concerned with a few of the colors. I won't list which ones we didn't like as I don't want to offend any other LB homeowners (though I know our #2 choice is probably on the non-preferred list of a fair number of owners and I'm not offended by that). Our choices are:

#1 - Antigua

#2 - Rojo Piedra

#3 - Dorado (which we really hope is the "good" yellow ... there are two to choose from and we don't like one and love the other)

#4 - Sierra

Anyhow, we have received our new floor plans, so I thought I would post those. As always, you can click on them to make them larger. The changes made since the last time I posted are listed below. We've not yet signed off on these changes and will likely ask to go back to the original plan on a few things.

First Floor
  • Door to the bedroom was moved to make the bedroom accessible via the great room rather than the courtyard
  • Window was added looking out into the courtyard from the bedroom
  • The bathroom counter was shifted down to create more space in the bedroom

Second Floor
  • Storage closet was added beneath the stairs

Tower Floor


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